Minecraft Server

About Volitank

We are no longer just a Faction's Server! You now join a lobby and can go to different servers. Currently this is in beta status. There might be wipes. Especially in the spongeforge server.


There are zero rules in the this one and minimal plugins!


There are no kits available other than the starting one.


Claim up to 4 plots and build whatever you like!


Start on a small skyland and build your way up.


Then we have the Forge server. I'm not really even sure but you need 1.12.2 Forge with all our mods to get in. We have our mods ready for you to download here. Just unzip them in your mods folder and you're good to go!

To join Volitank simply put volitank.com as your URL in your Minecraft client and make sure you're running 1.14.4.


These are easy!

These are general and other rules may apply. As far as the Anarchy server is concerned, these do not apply. There really are no rules in there!


No verbal abuse or harrasement. This includes racist remarks.


No cheating. Xray packs are cheating.


Don't grief a faction you're a memeber of, or sell faction supplies without consent of either the leader or faction majority.


No AFK Fishing, and no using pools to get around going AFK


Don't spawn kill new players


Don't willing let people kill you for your bounty.


Voting gives you rewards while also helping get new players into Volitank.

Everytime you vote you will recieve 2 diamonds. With 3 voting sites you can earn 6 diamonds a day! Currently this only applies to the Factions server.

Milestone Voting Rewards!


Default rank with 1 /home


20 total votes gets you 2 homes


40 total votes gets you 3 homes


70 total votes gets you 4 homes


100 Total votes gets you 5 homes and access to /workbench (/wb)


120 Total votes gets you 6 homes and additionally you will receive /enderchest (/ec)

Voting Links

These can also be found in game by typing /vote

Special Notes about Volitank

Some things we do are a little special

Epic World Generator

This is actually no longer true!.

The End Resets!

The End has some good loot, no one can deny that. After a while of players adventuring in the void, the loot can become scarce. To remedy this we reset The End the first of every month. Also there are warps to the end!

Faction Insurance

One thing we appreciate here is builds. When raiding you can grief as hard as you want to. afterwards the griefed faction can request a rollback except for, but not limited to, chests.


You get skill levels from doing things like mining, killing and farming. We have vampirism enabled so when you kill a player you steal 5% of their skills


PlayerShops was abandoned and no longer works :(


I don't think there is anything special these days. We use FactionsUUID.

Click on the Discord logo to join. Special faction roles and voice chats are added in Discord so you can be sure to voice chat with only people from your faction. In order to get your faction and roles added please contact an admin so they can be sure to add them in discord. If a faction is disbanded the roles and voice chat will be deleted.


Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Ohio, US


If you would like to donate, you can do so with cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Address: 183dzDGU2TRyoLCHBMtAZHu1h4tGCpd9Ee

Dogecoin Address: DAkkBrUKrJ3bGp1WaLetvX4DNkRrzJFNbx