For help with Factions commands in game go here.

On Volitank you get 15 power per player instead of the default 10

For teleport /tpa . The player you are wanting to teleport to will then have to use /tpaccept and you will teleport to their location

Using the command /sethome will set your home. You can then use /home to teleport to the specified location

In Volitank there is a 5 sec delay before teleportation. Moving, or taking damage in this time will cancel the TP. This is to prevent pussies in PvP

McMMO give you skill levels on things like mining, farming, killing, etc. It is set up so that when you kill players you steal 5% of there skills.

Also with McMMO you can repair tools and weapons with a McMMO "Anvil" which is just a block of iron. You need the weapon/tool and ore of the type. To repair right click the iron block with the tool equipped. There is a small chance reapiring will keep the enchantment.

One change we've made is disabled the override on vanilla fishing loot with mcmmo. This means you can obtain enchanted books and such.