You start as a Pleb with 1 home and 1 PlayerShop row. Your total votes determine what rank you are.

20 total: Gladiator tag, 2 Homes and 2 Playershop rows

40 total: Centurion tag, 3 Homes and 3 Playershop rows

70 total: Primus tag, 4 Homes and 4 Playershop rows

100 total: Legatus tag, 5 Homes and 5 Playershop rows

120 Total: Praetor tag, 6 Homes and 6 PlayerShop rows. Additionally as our highest rank you get /workbench and /hat

Praetor is the highest rank normally achievable. The others are listed below.

AGForbes: EternalPleb

Moderator: Consul

Administrator: Imperator

The Owner: Emperor